Please direct general inquiries and comments about the little stuff to:

Bri Anderson

(Orphan General Manager)
(916) 442-7370

Big picture ideas, compliments, complaints, criticism, or concerns to:

Orphan breakfast house is unassumingly situated in the residential neighborhood of East Sacramento, right on the corner of 35th and C Streets across from the Old Cannery.


Because we are in a residential area we ask that you are respectful of permitted parking areas and driveways. We do offer a parking lot for customers but space is limited.

Parking directly in front of the restaurant and around the corner of 35th street is also encouraged but please be careful not to block our neighbor's driveways!

On Sundays and holidays there are no permit restrictions, so park away!

Visit the entire Naked Coffee family at
(916) 442-7370

Open 7am - 2pm, 365 days a year.