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Orphan coffee is always made to order in our Italian Drip Bar. We offer four different varieties of coffee at all times.

Kenya AA
Kamuthanga Co-op, Machakos District
Cocoa and wine flavors round out this pleasant,
full bodied cup of high grown, washed Arabica;
considered to be one of the world's finest coffees.

Ethiopia Harar
Product of Ethiopia
Enjoy notes of blueberries, apricot and a
cinnamon finish in this traditional, high grown
Arabica from the country widely recognized to
be the birthplace of coffee.

Brazil Cerrado
Minas Gerias, Brazil Traditional
dark caramel, intense

Chiappas Decaffeinated
Charcoal processed

Orphan offers an extensive tea menu with Black, Green and Decaffeinated Herbal Tissane Teas.

Black Teas
Scented Passion Fruit with Flowers
Single garden Darjeeling Badamtam
English Breakfast Blend
Earl Grey

Green & Oolong Teas
Hand-rolled Gunpowder
Organic Pan Fired Green
Fujian Oolong Tikuanysis

Decaffeinated Herbal Tisane Teas
100% Chamomile Flowers
New Zealand Sunnyslopes (fruity)
Garden Treat (mint, alfalfa, verbana blend)
Green Yerba Mate

916-442-7370 . Open 365 days a year . Breakfast every day 7a-2p . Lunch M-F 11a-2p