Orphan breakfast house is an extension of the Naked Coffee family, currently made up of six locally owned and operated businesses: The Naked Lounge Midtown, Naked Lounge Downtown, Naked Lounge Live (downtown), Naked Coffee Roasting (Oak Park), Tupelo and now Orphan.

"Why is the restaurant named Orphan?

It makes me feel bad..."

We know a lot of people don't like to think about orphaned children while sipping their morning coffee.

So here's the deal... The name Orphan was derived from the term "orphan business". An orphan business is a small operating business unit, which does not integrate into a larger business sector. This term is also used to indicate businesses that are not authorized, supported or funded by a larger entity; not part of a system; isolated; lacking commercial sponsors or commercial sponsorship.

We aren't trying to make you feel bad, sad or guilty.